EIT Workshop - Digital Efficiency in Agriculture

EIT Workshop - Digital Efficiency in Agriculture

Wed, 14.10.2020 - 12:00-14:00

EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted. Our mission is to build an inclusive and innovative community in which consumers are actively involved. We want to foster the development of a digital food supply network from farm to fork with consumers and industry as equal partners. In this session, we highlight how EIT Food contributes to more Digital Efficiency in Agriculture and have invited experts from R&D and industry to provide examples of how EIT Food is supporting the development and deployment of new digital technologies in agriculture and how they are helping farmers in their transition to more sustainable agriculture.
In the second part of this session, we invite the audience to engage in an interactive discussion with these experts about the benefits of digitalization in agriculture in the context of sustainable food production, such as increased efficiency, reduced inputs and farmers' workload.

Part 1

  • Georg Schirrmacher: “New food system for Europe: Innovation for sustainable growth”
  • Kerstin Burseg: “Fostering agricultural sustainability through digital solutions”
  • Prof. Alistair Murdoch “LINKDAPA”: Linking multi-source data for adoption of precision agriculture https://www.eitfood.eu/projects/linkdapa-linking-multi-source-data-for-adoption-of-precision-agriculture-2020
  • Dr. Gerassimos Peteinatos "DACWEED: Detection and ACtuation system for WEED management" https://www.eitfood.eu/projects/dacweed-detection-and-actuation-system-for-weed-management-2020
  • Dr. Peter Schade "Constituent sensing of small grains" https://www.eitfood.eu/projects/constituent-sensing-of-small-grains
  • 5 min break

Part 2
13:05 – 14:00

  • Panel discussion: 3 pre-selected questions related to “Digital Efficiency in Primary Production" with the 4 presenters
  • Summary and wrap-up
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