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The LCA Food conference series is the leading forum worldwide regarding Life Cycle Assessment of agri-food systems, bringing together more than 400 scholars and practitioners from more than 40 countries working in academia, industry, and public institutions. It is organized by leading institutions in the field every second year. Web-archives of contributions from previous conferences are stored at INRA.

Life Cycle Assessment in the agri-food sector can be considered as one of the major innovation disruptors, which should be integrated by stakeholders along the supply chains and on all levels of production and consumption. The LCA framework addresses unbiased analysis of environmental impacts and addresses improvements in technological, socio-economic and environmental areas of agri-food systems.

LCAFood2020 organization committee aims at increasing the share of business partners from the food sector without diminishing its scientific value. The conference program therefore has been designed to reveal the latest scientific news and modern trends in LCA of food and induce the interest of food industry, retail, and packaging for more active participation. This way, LCAFood2020 should act as a trigger point for higher involvement of research into industrial relevance and vice versa.

Sustainable agri-food systems

LCAFood2020 is aiming on the progress of the implementation of Life Cycle approaches in agri-food systems and along agri-food chains. Targeting the topic of “sustainable agri-food systems” LCAFood2020 is targeting the discussions and advances in implementation of Life Cycle approach and Circular Economy in research and industry.

The topics are related to the development of industrial technologies, novel food products, new tools, services and policies; to the development and management of smart agricultural, food logistics and retailing, including challenges in methodological and modelling approaches; to consumption patterns and integrated sustainability evaluation.