Novel trends & developments

  • Novel trends / developments in food production systems
  • Implications of smart food systems (digitalization and block chains in food systems)
  • Designing sustainable food systems
  • Impacts of novel food processing technologies and Artificial Intelligence

Food logistics & retailing

  • Disruptive logistics of novel food systems: rethinking food miles
  • Grocery retail bankruptcy or evolution?
  • Direct and indirect impacts of food logistics

Challenges in modelling & data

  • Tackling complexity of food systems (modelling, cyber-physical systems, LCSA)
  • Opening the data on food for LCA (databases, tools and software developments)
  • New models for food LCA

Sustainability evaluation models

  • Evaluation models and how to deal with normativity
  • Sustainability assessment/evaluation approaches in food
  • Value scales (e.g. SDGs, ) in food LCA & LCSA

Methodological challenges

  • Impact assessment in sLCA
  • Biodiversity impact assessment
  • Soil quality impact assessment
  • Assessment of animal welfare in LCA
  • Assessment of health & well-being, nutritional LCA

Case studies

  • Circular economy case studies in food systems
  • Assessment of alternative food production systems (e.g. “lab” food, insects, non-crop based food production systems)
  • Assessment of alternative agricultural systems (e.g. aquaponics, vertical farming, urban gardening, “double-use” systems)
  • Food waste or by-product? Making the sense of side-streams utilization
  • Single market and single benchmark for food products (PEF, labelling and communication)