Customized LCA tool Workshop

What needs should customised tools for agricultural LCAs meet ?

Open discussions and tutorial on MEANS-InOut, developed by INRAE and Cirad

Thursday, 15 October 2020, 10:00-12:00 (CET Time)

Virtual from France

Organiser: INRAE, MEANS platform

Short Description

Customised tools to perform agricultural LCAs are designed to provide a user-friendly interface for collecting data and focusing on the life cycle phases most important for assessing agricultural systems. The modelling framework of customised LCA tools standardises LCAs and improves their reproducibility. Unlike more general LCA tools, however, they are less flexible and more difficult to apply to new research questions (or applications) for which they were not designed. The MEANS platform developed MEANS-InOut, a customised tool for agricultural LCAs that is dedicated to generating life cycle inventories. The MEANS team wishes to exchange with the LCA community about their needs when using such a tool and about scientific questions that such a tool could help to address.

The MEANS platform was created to allow research teams from INRAE, Cirad and their partners to perform multicriteria assessment of the sustainability of crop, livestock and processed agricultural products. To do so, the MEANS platform team develops and provides existing multicriteria assessment software and databases for multicriteria assessment. ( )


  • Introduction
  • Interactive survey with participants : which modeling needs for LCA of agri-food systems?
  • How does MEANS-InOut, customized LCA tool, meet these needs?
  • Tutorial on MEANS-InOut
  • Feedback on MEANS-InOut by participants
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